• Mediation provided support in so many ways

    Jason and Tracy's storyJason and Tracy weren’t married, but lived together for two years and had a one-year-old daughter called Jade. Their relationship had been punctuated with arguments, and they both accepted that they could not live together any longer. They were anxious about how they could live apart - Tracy was very worried about how she would manage to keep the mortgage going, and Jason did not know how he could afford a property of his own.

    Their mediator looked at their respective benefits and gave them helpful information regarding the mortgage and rent, should Jason find a flat for himself. Jason and Tracy were unaware that help was available, so the mediator helped them to set up an appointment at the Citizens Advice Bureau to receive specialist help.

    Acceptable proposals were reached after two months, during which time applications were made for benefits, enabling their proposals to be put into effect.

    Jason and Tracy were surprised at the level of practical available to them through the mediation process, as well as information regarding legal matters relating to their particular circumstances. They both felt that if they had dealt solely through their separate solicitors matters would have become more hostile, and their relationship would have deteriorated.

    Instead, their relationship as Jade's parents could continue, and although there may be disagreements from time to time they agreed they would not hesitate to return to mediation if they came across any further difficulties.