• A 7 year long legal dispute was resolved in less than 7 hours

    BuildersA home owner instructed a builder to carry out extensive external and internal alterations to his home. Some plans were drawn up and a price agreed.

    The builder started work and substantial changes to the project were discussed at various stages. Some of the changes were carried out, however there was disagreement about what changes had been agreed, how they were to be priced and when they were to be paid for.

    Because the builder was being asked for repeated changes and was not being paid for what he thought was due, building stopped leaving the home looking like a building site.

    Court proceedings ensued, the builder claiming £8,000 for unpaid work and the home owner claiming damages for delay and breach of contract.

    The proceedings continued for 7 years and legal fees ran up to approximately £17,000 for each side. Estimates for future costs were very substantial.

    Thankfully, both parties decided to mediate. After 7 years of dispute settlement was reached, with the mediator’s help, in less than 7 hours - and at a cost of less than £1000 for both parties.