• We believe client feedback is vital in helping us to help others.

    We receive many touching letters, from clients who have been able to move forward and put disputes behind them. Here are just a few...

    "Following the session of mediation with my ex-partner, my relationship with my children has improved greatly. Having tried to communicate with my ex-partner by other methods it was only after mediation that communication improved. I would not hesitate in recommending the service"
    "My mediation was very good considering the difficulties with my ex husband. We did manage to come to an agreement that is now working really well and my children are happier for it so thank you."
    "Anyone that can keep me and *** on topic and peaceful, resulting in an agreement that sticks, is very skilled, so top marks!"
    "The mediation I received was very helpful and sorted out our problems very well without going through the courts and was less stressful."
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