• Your needs will always come first,  whatever happens to Mum and Dad

    Family Life

    If you are reading this it is probably because your mum and dad have decided that they can no longer live together. There are lots of reasons why parents split up. Often it is because one or both of the parents is unhappy.

    Worried?But whatever mum and dad’s reason is for separating it is not your fault that this is happening.

    This can be a very confusing time for children. You will have lots of questions, like:

    Why are my mum and dad angry?
    Do they still love me?
    Where will I live?
    Who can I talk to?

    You may also feel sad, lonely angry or confused. It’s ok to feel like that. Talk to other people like your friends or your teachers about how you feel. Explain to mum and dad how you are feeling about things. It might help them understand how their separation is affecting you.

    If mum and dad agree, you can come and talk to us. You will find us warm, friendly and caring, and interested to hear your story. We see many children every year. We will see you without mum and dad being present. If you have brothers and sisters you can decide whether Feeling betterto come in separately or together.

    We do not put you under any pressure. We do not tell you what to do or ask you to make any decisions. We are here to listen to you and to help you make sense of what is going on between mum and dad. We are interested to hear your wishes, feelings and views, and if you want to come back and see us again, we are very happy to see you.

  • Here are 5 important facts that we think will help the way you feel

    • It’s not your fault - whatever happens, often people do grow apart and you can’t blame it on anything.
    • You're the most important thing in your parents lives, and they will put your happiness before their own.
    • It’s always good to share your thoughts with someone. Just talk it over with a good friend.
    • You are not alone - there are many children in a similar situation to you who may be feeling the same way.
    • Things that change often seem upsetting, but if you can be positive about change, you will see good things can come from it.