• Meeting children’s needs and welfare through mediation

    Unhappy Kids

    Mediating Children Issues

    Where the parties in mediation have children, making plans for them is always the first place to start.

    Sometimes couples come into mediation with a basic idea or framework to work from. At other times there is no agreement at all. Sometimes each parents wants the children to live with them.

    The Courts encourage parents to make their own decisions about future parenting arrangements, as parents know their children better than any judge, and whilst court-imposed arrangements can produce a result following a contested hearing, the order is not necessarily a long-term solution. If one or both parties is dissatisfied with the outcome, this can lead to further applications being made in the future, causing uncertainty and insecurity for children and parents alike.

    What the Family Courts Expect From Parents

    Therefore the courts remind parents that they have a duty to talk to each other and agree arrangements, and recommend mediation if communication is proving difficult.

    Parenting Plan