• Resolve your dispute without the full
    consequence of court proceedings

    We can help you make all the right decisions

    Quite apart from being much quicker and more cost effective, Civil mediation is increasingly acknowledged as a better way for parties to resolve a dispute and is encouraged by the judiciary as it avoids the consequences of court proceedings giving both parties control over the outcome.

    Encouraging parties to work privately and constructively towards a solution helps rebuild relationships and gain a better understanding of each other's position, whereas public Court proceedings often harden attitudes. Solutions can be designed to suit individual needs, rather than a judge imposing one of the limited answers available to a Court.

    From construction and contract disputes to contested probate and boundary disputes, civil mediation can be used at any time before or during court proceedings for most types of dispute.

    With an established reputation and track record in mediation in Bournemouth, Southampton and the wider area of Dorset and Hampshire, we have experienced lawyer mediators with a high success rate.

    Our mediators and support team provide a courteous and efficient service undertaking all the administrative arrangements before the mediation. These include - without charge - assessment of the suitability of the case for mediation, distribution of papers and agreeing arrangements suitable to all parties and their advisers.

    Civil Mediation Information Pack