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    Civil Mediation

    Working together... to find the best solution for your dispute

    Civil mediation is used to solve disputes in two types of circumstance – either those that arise for individuals or those that occur in a business environment.

    The types of dispute that occur with individuals range from boundary disputes, contested probate, a problem on holiday, poor workmanship from a tradesman and faulty goods to disputes with the local authority about care home expenses to name but a few.

    Disputes arising in a business environment may involve broken contracts, employment issues, various claims against the business and claims by the business against individuals or other companies.

    LightbulbAbove all, such disputes can be extremely disruptive, stressful and costly.

    For individuals a lasting dispute works its way into every part of their lives, disrupting sleep and causing continual stress and worry. It makes home life and working life more difficult and in turn can cause other problems both in relationships and health.

    For a business, an unresolved dispute can mean faltering performance, disillusioned staff and a lack of direction going forward. Many ‘man hours’ are wasted collecting information, preparing Court documents and attending legal appointments over several months. Mounting costs and the continual uncertainty not knowing when or how the matter will end causes a stressful environment for all.

    At Laceys Mediation, we believe that solutions can be found even in the most difficult disputes, whether the dispute involves an individual, a small business or partnership or a high level business associate or partner.

    We help those in dispute plan and take control of their future and make the final decisions. Unlike the courts, which can be unpredictable, time consuming, and costly, mediation can resolve a dispute with certainty, quickly and at a fraction of the cost.