• Thanks to Laceys,  family disputes are settled in 80% of cases

    Familiy mediation

    Working together... to find the best solution for you and your family

    At Laceys Mediation we give the parties the opportunity to plan and control their future because we believe that separating couples are the best people to make the decisions that will affect their future and the future of their children. Lawyers and the courts are often blunt instruments in family disputes, because even when someone “wins” a family dispute there is often a sense of loss because the family relationship has been damaged. At Laceys Mediation we believe that solutions can be found even in the most difficult disputes, whether the disagreement is about child-care arrangements or how the family assets should be divided.

    lightbulbWe provide our clients with a safe environment in which each party can be fully heard. We encourage each party to think about the underlying needs and concerns connected with the dispute, to consider a wide range of settlement options, and to look creatively for solutions that benefit both parties.

    We know from our vast experience from working with hundreds of couples in mediation, that divorce and separation can be one of life’s most difficult transitions. As mediators our goal is to give you the highest level of expertise, but delivered with compassion and empathy to your individual fears, concerns and needs. We combine effective use of conflict resolution methods with a skilled lawyer's understanding of the relevant law.

    Our process is a structured one that makes room for expression of feelings whilst retaining a clear focus on the decision-making tasks that need to be accomplished. We will guide you through the settlement negotiations in a way that minimises the financial and emotional harm of separation and divorce and preserves or repairs the ability of parents to function as a parenting team over the long term.

    Divorce and separation can be a sad and confusing experience, but can be handled with dignity. We know that every one of our clients brings to mediation a unique background of experiences and values. We treat each party in the mediation process with respect and empathy, hence our slogan “working together for you”.

    Mediating with Laceys Mediation will prove to be far less stressful, much less expensive, and, we hope, a more satisfying and rewarding experience than other methods of dispute resolution.