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    We’ve cleared up some common myths about mediation..

  • My case is much too complex for mediation

    At Laceys Mediation we have over 12 years experience in dispute resolution. Most of our mediators are Family Lawyers with years of court experience behind them, having dealt with a wide range of family disputes, ranging from contested children issues, adoption, child abduction, child abuse, domestic violence, plus both simple and complex financial matters.

    As a result of our combined experience our mediators have helped couples successfully resolve the most complex children and financial matters

    At Laceys Mediation no challenge is too great.

    We have to be agreeable or amicable
    for mediation to work for us

    The only thing parties need to do to resolve their dispute is come to the mediation appointment. They do not even have to sit at the same table or be in the same room. At Laceys Mediation we have resolved long standing matters where the parties have had to have separate rooms and separate arrival and departure times because of court injunctions forbidding direct contact between the parties. Mediation is not just for friendly foes.

    Mediation won’t work because I am very intimidated by my partner and he/she will walk all over me

    Laceys Mediation’s skill and experience is particularly helpful in cases where intimidation or unequal bargaining positions are concerned. Using their years of experience and specialised training, our mediators create a fair, safe and balanced environment where both sides have an equal voice and neither party is allowed to “take over” or force a decision on the other party.

    Mediation will not work because I don’t want to compromise

    Mediation is not about creating solutions by convincing one side to give in to the other, or that each give 50\50. It is about creating understanding and opportunities that neither party could create independently. Many sensible agreements are reached in mediation that neither party had even contemplated prior to entering the mediation process.

    Why bother with mediation, it’s not binding

    Nearly all of our mediated agreements are ratified and approved by the party’s solicitors at the end of the process, leading to a binding agreement or court order. Furthermore, mediated agreements last longer and parties are less likely to return to conflict because the mediated agreement is made and supported by both parties and is not imposed upon them by a judge.

    Why mediate? I’ll win in court

    Why take the risk? Nobody goes to court to lose. Everyone who goes to court is “right” in his or her view. But somebody always loses in court. Nobody, including your solicitor, can guarantee that that someone will not be you. How can a judge possibly know what’s best for you and your family? Evidence is presented in the adversarial process in a way that blaming one party whilst painting the other as perfect. Extreme demands are made. It’s nigh impossible in such an environment to create a mutually acceptable arrangement. That is not the judge’s job. Most Family Judges agree that court is not the place to best resolve family disputes. This is particularly true where children are concerned. You and your spouse\partner are the experts. Stay in control. You lose control in court. Furthermore, you’ll have spent your valuable resources unnecessarily, even if you win. Mediation gives you control of the outcome at a fraction of the cost.

    Mediation doesn’t work, I’ve already tried it

    Not all mediators are the same. Every mediator has different skills, training and personal qualities. Furthermore it is never too late to try to resolve your issues and avoid the time, the expense and the uncertainty of court proceedings.

    At Laceys Mediation all our mediators have the education, training and skills, background and experience to help parties resolve disputes that have been unsuccessfully mediated in the past

    Mediation won’t work because the other side is
    unreasonable, mean, and we can’t talk to each other

    Success does not depend on parties being reasonable, friendly, or even on talking terms. If both parties agree to come to mediation they have a great opportunity to achieve success. Using mediation and communication skills developed over years of experience, Laceys mediation has successfully resolved even the most impossible situations to each party’s satisfaction

    It’s too late for mediation because I’ve already hired a lawyer and set a court date or been to court

    The court system is always available-at great expense of time, money and stress-if parties cannot reach agreement. But at Laceys Mediation we have successfully resolved 80% of our mediated cases. We encourage parties to obtain legal advice, together with any tax, financial planning and any other professional advice that they may need to make fully informed decisions in the mediation process. Wherever you are in the litigation process, it is never too late to start mediation. Many divorcing couples quickly realise that the adversarial route is expensive, time consuming and destructive, and the outcome not what they expected or had in mind. However, many don’t realise this hard fact until it is too late and they have already expended what are, in many cases, their limited resources. At Laceys Mediation we have successfully resolved cases that have either been referred to us by the courts, or where the parties have failed to resolve their differences through litigation.