• Free Mediation (Poetry to your ears)


    by Becky Vallory

    With Legal aid no longer available to go to Court

    Why not give mediation with Laceys some thought

    An alternative option for you to try

    A place you can be heard and encouraged not to lie

    An open and honest process that gives you control

    Can help lift even the most miserable soul

    At Laceys, mediation can be free

    Why don’t you visit us and see

    At Bournemouth, Poole and Southampton too

    Legal aid available for you

    Our initial meetings are at no cost

    Laceys is the place to be when you feel lost

    Our mediators are impartial and kind

    And have your family’s best interests in mind

    When helping you explore the options at hand

    Where before you felt you were drowning in the sand

    Children alike can be involved too

    To unburden themselves and talk things through

    Empowering them to speak their mind

    Mediators will explain to parents what they find

    Mediation can be tough when facing your fears

    Let us help you to look past your tears

    To design the future and not analyze the past

    Your mediator is here to help you make decisions that last