• Launch of website focussed on legal aid and mediation


    Laceys have joined forces with some other legal aid mediation services nationally to provide a website aimed at educating the public about the availability of legal aid for mediation.  This is something which has been poorly publicised by the government since the cuts to legal aid in April 2013 and so we are keen to ensure that as many people as possible have access to information on how to get legal aid to help settle family disputes.

    The website gives generic information about mediation, how it works, its benefits and most importantly it focusses on highlighting the availability of legal aid.  It also provides details of a mediation service offering legal aid in each county with a link to their website.  Laceys Mediation are listed under the counties of Dorset and Hampshire, having offices in Bournemouth, Poole and Southampton.

    Laceys are pleased to have been part of this venture and to have been able to work together with other large services nationally to fill this much needed gap.

    Look out for updates posted on the site by all services in this great team effort!

    To find out more visit the site:  www.legalaidmediation.co.uk