• Local Solicitors Support Kids in the Middle


    Two local solicitors are appealing for young people locally to help them raise funds for national charity Kids in the Middle. This fundraising initiative in 2014 is to set up a website for children whose parents are separating.

    Gemma Burden from Laceys Mediation and Colin Mitchell from Kiteleys Solicitors are the charities Founding Partners for Bournemouth and Poole area and each have a target to raise £2,000 for the charity this year.

    Some 400,000 children a year experience family separation and yet the perspective of children in separating families is poorly represented.  In some cases parents are able to work very well together after separating in order that their children are protected from the conflict and the emotional turmoil of separation.  However in many cases the voice of the child gets lost amongst hidden agendas, blame and hurt, and the parent’s struggle to separate their own feelings about each other from the important roles they still both have to play in co-parenting their children.

    The aim of ‘Kids in the Middle’ mirrors that of both Gemma and Colin’s approach to family cases – hence their active involvement supporting the charity.   ‘Kids in the Middle’ has a vision to achieve:  more direct support for children in separating families; less conflict in separating families; and fewer severed family relationships for children after separation.

    The starting point for the campaign is the design of a website (kidsinthemiddle.org.uk) enabling direct access to help for children and young people.  It will be a place where children who have been through separation can talk to children who are in the middle of it, providing immediate reassurance, coping strategies and advising on where to go to get further help and support. There will also be scope in the website for parents to find out about separation through a child’s eyes and hopefully from this they will be able to adopt a child-centred approach to separation and can get practical guidance from the website on how this can be achieved.

    What do Gemma and Colin need from you?

    ‘We are looking for children and young people, either individually or as a group, to support the campaign and come up with their own fundraising ideas to raise money on a local level.  If you are interested or know a group of children that would be please contact us - for example, you might run a Duke of Edinburgh scheme or Youth Group, or work in a school.  We already have St Christopher’s Guides (Senior Section) in Southbourne on board and keen to help us.  Everyone will know of a ‘kid in the middle’ and so we are hoping we can generate plenty of support, either through fundraising ideas or through direct contributions’

    To make a donation to this campaign you can go to Gemma or Colin’s Just Giving page– all donations, whatever the amount, will be gratefully received.

    www.justgiving.com/laceysmediation or www.justgiving.com/KITM-Kiteleys

    If you want to contact Gemma or Colin to offer some fundraising ideas or to get them to work with a group of young people in fundraising please do so:  Gemma can be contacted by email to gemma@laceysmediation.co.uk.  Colin can be contacted by email to Colin.Mitchell@kiteleys.co.uk