As from 3rd November 2014 the government have introduced more funding to enable people to access mediation for free.

    Currently the Legal Aid Agency will pay for both parties’ Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM), where one or both are eligible for legal aid.

    However, from 3rd November they will extend this funding to also cover the first mediation session itself.  Therefore, if at least one party to the mediation is eligible for legal aid, the first session will be free for both. 

    Any subsequent sessions will only be free for the legally aided party.  The other party will then have to pay.  However, they will by then have got a feel for mediation and how it is working for their case and can make an informed choice as to whether to continue.  This is a real incentive to people to give mediation a try.

    This level of legal aid is only available through mediation services with a legal aid contract.  Laceys Mediation are one such service so please make a referral via our online system to take advantage of this offer.

    Please note that if neither party is eligible for legal aid, or if you are not sure as to eligibility, Laceys offer free assessment meetings to all clients anyway so you have nothing to lose by getting in touch with us.